• Massachusetts System of Assurance of Net Metering Eligibility

Net metering in a capped program in Massachusetts. Securing a Cap Allocation provides certainty to facility owners and host customers that their project will receive net metering services, provided the project meets the standards of the System of Assurance.

User guidance posted at MassACA.org provide instruction to users on how to register with the System of Assurance and guidance on SHP-ACA requirements and submission.

System Features

  • Net metering Host Customers (i.e., the utility’s customer of record) must begin and submit SHP-ACAs. They may assign project Representatives (e.g., developers, consultants, engineers) to help complete an application.
  • Once submitted to the Administrator, the review process frequently lasts from 10 to 15 business days. After a determination of complete or incomplete is made, an automated notice will be sent to the host customer and any representatives associated with the SHP-ACA. If the SHP-ACA is determined to be complete, the notice will indicate if a Cap Allocation or a place on the Waiting List is offered.

Help & Guidance

The materials posted here are intended to help users understand what is required to register in the System of Assurance and submit a SHP-ACA. If additional guidance is needed, please contact Help@MassACA.org or call the MassACA Helpline at (877) 357-9030 during business hours.

Small Hydro Program Guidance Documents

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