• Massachusetts System of Assurance of Net Metering Eligibility

The materials posted here are intended to help users understand what is required to register in the System of Assurance and submit a SHP-ACA. If additional guidance is needed, please contact Help@MassACA.org or call the MassACA Helpline at (877) 357-9030 during business hours.

Guidance Documents

 Host Customer Registration Guide (Adobe PDF, 2.0MB)

 Quick Start Guidance (Adobe PDF, 0.2MB)

 User Help (Adobe PDF, 0.5MB)

 Interconnection Service Agreement Requirements (Adobe PDF, 0.1MB)

 D.P.U. 17-146-A (Adobe PDF, 0.1MB)

 Reservation Period Guidance (Adobe PDF, 0.1MB)

 Waiting List Guidance (Adobe PDF, 0.2MB)

 Quarterly Report Guidance (Adobe PDF, 0.2MB)

 Maintaining a Cap Allocation (Adobe PDF, 0.2MB)

 Department of Public Utilities Public Entity ID Application Form (Adobe PDF, 0.1MB)

 Glossary of Terms (Adobe PDF, 0.1MB)

 Dispute Resolution Guidance (Adobe PDF, 0.1MB)

 Frequently Asked Questions: System of Assurance (Adobe PDF, 1.1MB)